Kyron “The Hitman” Dryden found guilty of assaulting ex-girlfriend

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GUILTY: Kyron Dryden was found guilty by a magistrate of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Monday. He will be sentenced in March. NEWCASTLE World Champion boxer Kyron“The Hitman” Dryden has been found guilty of grabbing his ex-girlfriend by the throat, pushing her head into a mirror and slamming her onto the floor after he discoveredher at another man’s house in September.

The 22-year-old Mayfield boxer, who won theInternational Boxing Organisation world youth (under-26) welterweight title in Newcastle in November, faced a hearing in Newcastle Local Court on Monday into allegations ofassault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault andentering a building with intent to commit an indictable offence.

The court was played a video, filmed byDrydenon the day of the assaultand posted to“Snapchat”, a messaging app that records short videos or pictures that are then deleted from the recipients phone.

The video, entitled“ex-missus”,shows Dryden outside a man’s house in Mayfield where he says he has discovered“my missusis cheating on me”.

“She’s been lying to me the whole time,” Dryden says on the 10-second video clip.

“Here is her car in front of his house.”

The video clip then cuts to Dryden inside the house after hehad found his ex-girlfriend.

#BREAKING Newcastle boxer Kyron Dryden found guilty of assaulting former girlfriend. @newcastleherald

— Sam Rigney (@SamRigney) January 11, 2016

She lies on the floor covering her face.

“Here’s my missus cheating on me in the bedroom,” the video continues.

Dryden gave evidence that he was headed to the gym when he spotted his former girlfriend’s car outside a friend’shouse in Mayfield.

He called his twin brother, Darkon, and the victim’s brother before filming the “Snapchat” video.

Dryden told the court the victim’s brother didn’t believe his sister could be cheating on him and wanted proof.

Dryden said he went into the house to confirm his suspicions and denied ever touching his ex-girlfriend.

“I train every day, if I had taken hold of her throat there would be a lot more damage,” Dryden said.

The victim and the man at the house told the court Dryden and his brother barged their way into the home and when Dryden found the victim hiding behind the door he grabbed her by the throat,pushed her head into a mirror and “choke-slammed” her onto the floor, leaving her bruised and concussed.

Magistrate Alan Railton found Dryden guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, citing the injuries suffered to the victim and the discharge report from the Mater Hospital.

The charge of entering a building with intent to commit an indictable offence was dismissed and the back-up charge of common assault was withdrawn.

After he was found guilty, Dryden pleaded guilty tofour counts of contravening an apprehended violence order, which related to contacting his ex-girlfriend in the months after the assault.

He will be sentenced in March.

Dryden took to Facebook on Monday to thankhis fans for their support and sayhe was “Unfazed and carefree about the situation so far”.

“Well it’s no secret what goes on in my life anymore,” the post read.

“When you start doing well or standing out, it becomes of (sic)purpose for all national & international media outlets or people to write or comment on anything brought to attention.

“I also would like to Thank everyone for the countless messages flooding in of support.

“I urge everyone not to worry about me as I am Unfazed and carefree about the situation so far, i have bigger things on my mind.”

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